Our Partners

Institutional Partners

TLC works with over 150 institutional partners from across the world to help grow international student recruitment.

 What service does TLC provide to universities and colleges?

We submit applications from overseas students seeking further and higher education opportunities in the UK and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the UAE. Our service is independent and its primary objective is to match the individual priorities of each student with the particular needs and requirements of each education institution.

 The benefit of working with TLC?

  • All benefits of an agency arrangement with central accountability
  • A close working partnership with a professional service but with overheads only in proportion to results achieved
  • A commitment from us to understand the full needs of the client institution and fulfill them accordingly
  • The provision of a comprehensive profile on all student applications to enable the institution to make an informed decision when considering a student’s suitability for a course
  • The reduction of communication costs with prospective students

 Which universities and colleges can use our service?

TLC works with any institution able to offer high quality value for money services to its students. It must also be willing to hold in-depth and ongoing discussions with TLC about its course provision and student services.

 Become a TLC partner

Contact TLC today to see how we can work together to enhance your overseas actvities. We have an experienced Partner Relations Team set up in Dubai to answer.

all of your queries and help process your agency agreement. Why don’t you call by if you’re travelling through? The team would be delighted to meet with you.

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